Our kids are amazing — without exception. That said, that not all children in Chapel Hill have access to the same opportunities to succeed.

All children in Chapel Hill-Carrboro deserve to be valued and supported in reaching their potential. However, despite boasting arguably one of the highest-achieving public school system in the country, Chapel Hill has an achievement gap significantly greater than the state average.

The Chapel Hill-Carrboro community is filled with individuals and organizations dedicated to making a difference in the lives of our youth and addressing these gaps in opportunity. Chapel Hill-Carrboro Youth Forward exists to supercharge these nonprofits and create a seamless network of services that are easily accessible to the youth and their families.

Youth Forward is a community where each child is valued and supported in reaching their potential.

We are advocates of our youth, their families, and the amazing organizations and nonprofits that are joining with them to see their dreams realized. Youth Forward supports the development of youth and strengthens the capacity of organizations in three primary ways:

Youth Forward is located in Downtown Carrboro at YouthWorx on Main, a youth-serving nonprofit collaborative. Youth Forward works with the tenants of YouthWorx on Main, in addition to all youth serving nonprofits in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, to help build organizational and individual capacity through collaboration.