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Join the Youth Forward Collaborative

Youth Forward is a partnership created to sustain community improvement by connecting youth to programs, building the capacity of local nonprofits, and leveraging funds to more effectively address these gaps in services. The collaborative is composed of private and community funders that focus on improving the lives of the most vulnerable Chapel Hill-Carrboro youth, particularly through youth services.  

How can you become a part of this group of advocates? Investments in the collaborative vary based on type and size of funder, as well as organization’s or individual’s personal interest of impact in the community. Explore whether you would like to become a Member or a Partner today!

Become a Member
Youth Forward Members are those philanthropic organizations that decide to work together to identify and fund strong organizations that are working to address existing gaps in youth services. In addition, Members work to identify community organizations’ needs for capacity building and technical assistance.  Member roles and responsibilities include:

  • Make annual contributions to support the capacity building and infrastructure support of the Collaborative.
  • Make a contribution to the Youth Investment Fund, which is a re-granting fund that is managed by a cross section of community members, parents, youth, and nonprofit leaders. (For more information, visit www.chcyouth.org/grantapplication)
  • Invited to identify at least one staff member to serve on the Collaborative and attend association meetings
  • Invited to serve on the decision-making body that determines which Issues will be adopted for funding priority and will be funded by the Collaborative

Become a Partner
Interested in contributing to a specific project? There are additional community partners that provide support to the Collaborative on a project-by-project basis. Projects that Partners are funding include developing the Capacity Building Series, designing the ConnectMe! App, and hosting the Youth Provider Summit. Partners may be nonprofits, businesses, or governmental organizations. Partner roles and responsibilities include:

  • Commit funds to the general operation of the Collaborative or to a specific project
  • Provide volunteers to serve as subject matter experts and/or provide other personnel to the Collaborative as needed
  • Serve on committees as needed and desired

Interested? Contact Tabitha Blackwell via email at tblackwell@chcyouth.org or via phone at (919) 960-1673.

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