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Grape Arbor Development Corps

Services offered:
Age of children and youth served:
5-12 Elementary Schools, 12-14 Middle School, 14-19 High School

Grape Arbor Development Corp is a program focused on providing educational support, economic development, and cultural enrichment services to youth, families, and the community to develop productive global citizens. Grape Arbor Development Corp (GADC) is an 8-year-old program intended to engender leadership and coping skills, academic improvement, and social improvement in children K-12. For the last four years GADC has focused on serving middle school students because the program leaders believe this is where students tend to be most vulnerable to fall behind. GADC provides its services after school at Gravely Hill Middle School, Stanford Middle School, and at the organization’s location in Chapel Hill. Programming involves homework support, supplemental instruction in language arts and math, and cultural enrichment.

Contact Information

(919) 967-9661
Grape Arbor Development Corps
1717 Legion Rd
# G101
Chapel Hill, NC 27517